Optimizing Intangible Values as-a-Service

Although I’d love to have a product to automate it all for me, I’m able to offer my services as a consultant.

I’m able to apply the same methodology as a blockchain system would and allow you to gain a snapshot of how your intangibles are working for you.

The fun part is ultimately operationalizing around the concepts which is where my experience with Agile and Product Thinking come into play. They allow your organization the governance and structure needed to best optimize all aspects of your intangible assets from people to technology.

The Key is Transitioning from "Project Thinking" into "Product Thinking" Enabling Sustainable Change.

Digital Transformation & Innovation

Optimizing Intangibles and Innovation

I’ve seen firsthand the impact enabling new methodologies and thinking makes inside some of the world’s largest companies.

Guidance & Coaching

Use me as a dedicated resource for your organization’s transformational efforts.

Understand the Old, Enable New

I provide an IT landscape analysis and highlight where newer technologies could step in and make an impact.

Enable Consistent Opportunity

Integrate high-tech through product strategy and architectures that enable continual delivery.

Unlock Employee Values

Organize your business around optimizing for employee intangible growth and value creation ability.

Modernize Management

Transition Waterfall, project based thinking to Agile, product based thinking.

Organizational Education

Change is hard for everyone. I help align metrics and goals through the organization that align all intangibles.

Resource Optimization

Trim unnecessary IT spend by optimizing where value can be more accurately captured and utilized.

Source of Truth Auditing

Eliminate Excel usage and get to the bottom of where your metrics meet operations.

AI Programming

Speed up content workflows by creating custom models that does the work for you.

Let's Work Together

Optimizing Intangibles is Both Rewarding and Made Easier with the Proper Use of Technology

If you’re interested in working with me please don’t hesitate to reach out. Engagements can be as short as explaining the concept of how it all works to a full scale business analysis producing the insights just like a blockchain system would.