Harness the Unseen.

Intangible Technologies is all about lifting the veil on the unseen elements of intangible assets. As the world is increasingly powered by intangibles, I’m here to help you understand how they work and how to harness their capabilities for building a better tommorrow.

Intangible Assets

Resources that have no physical presence but provide long-term value to an organization.

Ever since I can remember I’ve been tearing apart technology figuring out how it works and how it can best be utilized for solving problems. Little did I understand that software is an intangible asset. By applying what I’ve learned as it relates to software allows me to provide a framework towards how intangibles can be better managed and, ultimately, derive value more effectively.

Organizations struggle to harness intangible value.

Intangible Assets

84% Failure Rate

Transforming around technologic capability is more critical to success than merely having the technology available.

Digital Fluency

18% of Organizations

Most companies view their technology adoption as being only moderatively effective. How can they take better steps to improve?

Digital Strategy

73% Lack Value

Blending business and technology together inside of a strategy is hard work. How do you best optimize to achieve value?

Passion Project

I believe technology holds the answers to most all problems. Figuring it out is the fun part!

Join me on my own journey as I learn and develop my own intangible asset, my knowledge. I use my various channels of content creation to engage with others and continue to learn more so that I can better solve the problems of intangible management.

Turning Buzzwords Into Context

I don’t just talk about these concepts, I live them. They’re my favorite areas to research and explore and more than anything I love being able to talk about them in real-world use cases and examples.

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