Welcome to the Podcast!

I teamed up my life long best friend, JP Dowdle to bring you our podcast. He’s been dealing with my ideas and side projects longer than anyone and makes a great co-host.Whereas Dan brings the latest in technology thinking, JP brings with him his legal background and ability to dive deeper into not just the technology aspect of things but also the broader applications of technology and policy shaping our everyday lives.

We also from time to time invite thought leaders and those working within the industry on the podcast for additional insight. If you’re interested in joing a discussion please reach out.

Dan Proctor
Host & Technology

Dan runs Intangible.Tech as a passion project for exploring the latest in technology and the thinking that goes behind it. He brings his technology and business background to the forefront in his discussions.

JP Dowdle
Host & Legal

JP Dowdle is a lawyer for his day job and joins Dan as the voice of reason behind new ideas and concepts. He currently lives in Tacoma, WA and spends his free time running and toying with Garmin’s latest fitness trackers.

Crypto, Blockhain and U.S. Dollar Value

In Intangible.Tech's first episode we tackle the complexities of blockchain and its ramifications on our global financial system.


Crypto's Murky Legal Troubles

Join Dan and JP with guest host David A. Lopez-Kurtz an associate at Calfee, Halter & Griswold LLP. Based in Cincinnati David specializes in Securities and Cryptocurrencies.


Durable DevOps Episode 20

In the latest episode of our Durable DevOps Podcast, Conor Delandbanque is joined by Dan Proctor, previously Director of IoT at Procter & Gamble and now Founder of Intangible.