There’s nothing that brings me more joy than playing with technology. Ever since I was little I’ve been tearing apart computers and building new creations that bring me joy. Here you’ll find everything from audio installations to IoT creations that I’ve integrated over the years.

Something of particular interest? I love being able to help others with their technology purchases and am always available to consult on what to buy and how to best integrate it within your budget and setup.

Personal WordPress Website

Building a Wordpress site for my original business.


Assorted Hardware Tinkering While Younger

Ever since I live streamed Google’s Nexus One announcement I’ve been an Android enthusiast. Since then I’ve grown into taking apart all types of devices and making them more capable.


Home Theater Evolution College Through 2017

If you ask anyone, my absolute favorite hobby is tweaking audio equipment and my home theater is no exception. What started with me blowing up a pair of my dad’s old Klipsch speakers, I’ve always bargain hunted for deals, sold what I had, and upgraded for a marginal “upgrade cost.”


Custom Desktop Build (2015)

My desktop project began in 2014 and was created with the intention of mining Litecoin while also emphasizing speed, media storage, and audio capabilities. As time has gone on I’ve switched out GPUs almost yearly to bring enhancements.


VW GTI - Custom Car Audio System v3.0

If anyone knows me, it’s that I love to have technology available to me everywhere I go and this most definitely includes my car. I specifically bought this year of VW not because it had a great stock infotainment experience (exact opposite in fact) but that it would be relatively easy to update to the latest and greatest in-car experiences with a substantial boost to sound quality in the process.