An Economy Centered Around People's Value

Through a combination of blockchain technologies and AI, it’s possible to value intangible assets in real time. Assets are weighted against each other in such a way that they all simultaneously effect each other and build off each other reflecting real world applications of each asset.

It’s enabling real time financial metrics to operationalize around all the elements of economies that traditionally go unseen.

Amazing New Benefits

Unlock New Ways to Operationalize Unseen Assets

Real time metrics enable the ability to measure change as it is happening. As more intangibles are added you unlock more and more insight.

Track ESG at Its Most Impactful Level

With people accumulating their own value, you can more accurately assess the impact of governance on organizations. Same for environmental intangibles.

View How Management Affects People's Value

Technology is always changing and evolving - your people need to be equipped to adapt as it happens.

Enable A/B Testing for Social Initiatives

Enable your organization to be able to test governance changes with segments of people. All before rolling out to more population. What works for some may not work for all.

Create a Salary System Representing Value Additions

A more equitable system that rewards hard work regardless of age, gender, race or religion. Track values beyond just revenue generation.

Give Insight into
Transformation Efforts.

Executives cite lack of metrics as being the key point of failure towards Digital Transformation efforts. Not only do you provide new insights around the digital aspects but you can also give merit to the transformational aspects around people and governance. It provides insight towards all the unseen elements required for transformation.

Looking to Build

The Technology is Inching Closer Towards Making This Product a Reality

Are You Ready to Unleash it with Your Organization?

If you’re interested in hearing more about the product please feel free to reach out! The possibilities are nearly endless with the amazing benefits it will provide.